This Sleeptime sticker is around 3 1/2 x  1/2 inches. 


Do not put non laminated stickers on places where rubbing can occur.


Non Laminated stickers are weatherproof, can handle being slightly wet. 


Laminated stickers are waterproof, weather proof and rub proof. Perfect for water bottles and cellphones



These stickers are printed on a high-quality sticker paper, die cut, and has a matte finish.


Free Shipping! I try to deliver each package the day of purchase! It will take no longer than 2 days to ship out. No tracking comes with this since I will be packaging it as a letter, however these is an option to upgrade if you want a tracking number.


Note to buyer: Colors on screen may be slightly different in person.

These items are truly made with love, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Sleepy Time Sticker